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Why automate the process of label application?

There are two main reasons to automate barcode label application on boxes and containers:

  1. to handle increased volumes of product throughput at lower costs;
  2. and, to reduce mislabeling.

Handling increased throughput improves the efficiency and ROI of your factory or warehouse. Now that many customers consider the barcode label to be part of their product, reducing mislabeling is critical to reducing chargebacks, refused or returned shipments and customer satisfaction. This is critical with larger retail customers who have aggressive compliance policies in place.

We suggest there are three main things to look for when selecting an automated print & apply system. First, endeavor to minimize the overall changes you make in migrating from a manual to an automated system, e.g. use your current barcode label and printer protocols (even as you will likely change out hardware.) Second, select a partner who can demonstrate an easy integration with your current or planned ERP/WMS/WCS system. If they cannot commit to get the system installed in a couple of days, you have not selected the right partner. Third, ensure your partner can provide ongoing support, specifically 7×24 support to maximize your ROI.

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