Robotics-as-a-Service or RaaS is growing rapidly in both factories and warehouses. Vanomation has been a leader in this space with our Industrial Managed Print Services offering.

IMPS is a price-per-label service that enables customers to pay for each label used in their factory or warehouse. The cost of the label includes all hardware, software, integration and support services as well as all the labels consumed in the operation.

Customers recognize that their real needs are satisfied by placing the correct label on the right package, container or pallet. As volumes and complexities increase, clients focus on their business and leave the integration of all the components required to deliver this solution to the experts.

IMPS is available on all Vanomation products designed for end-user installation, specifically the RPA6000, the RPA8000 and the LPA1000.

There are no capital appropriations required, all products and services are expensed as part of a monthly invoice. This makes planning and budgeting much easier to accomplish.