Robot-ready printer applicator cell with Vanomation Zebra ZT600.

The RPE6000 is a standalone robotic printer applicator cell designed to be integrated with an industrial robot, such as the FANUC LR Mate 200. Created using Vanomation’s XYZ patent, the RPE6000 eliminates the requirement for a separate controller network by embedding the spatial coordinates for the label directly into the label data print stream. This guarantees that each label will be placed on the right product in the right location.

The RPE6000 comprises three core components: The Vanomation Robotic Controller, the Vanomation Thermal Barcode Printer based on the Zebra ZT600 and the Vanomation Steel Frame Cell.

RPE6000 Features

Automatic and manual printing modes

Automatic robot pause with Estop and safety door

Dual printer/label tray for easy operator/maintenance servicing

Variable placement of label based on pallet/package size

Accurate placement of label within 0.1” or 2.5mm

Printer width 4” or 6”